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We Deliver High Quality Prequalified Leads and Prospects for Your Business, That Turn Into Paid Customers and Clients


We help your business by providing a constant stream of highly prequalified leads Ready to buy your product or service

Lead Generation

We employ interactive, targeted campaigns, that drive customers to your front door, or get your phone ringing. Our multiple channel convertible lead flow, allows us to find potential customers and clients looking for what you have to offer, and connect you with them at the optimal point for a sale. We eliminate the guess work in business building, and provide you with true forecastable results.

Real Time Analytics

Entrusting us with your full advertising and marketing needs, also means tracking results and engagements in real time. We utilize the most robust tools to ensure that you are able to track prospect interactions across multiple channels and communication points.

Managed Ad Buys

Whether it’s your paid Facebook ads campaign, your Google Adwords placements, we can manage your full spectrum ad campaigns. From implementation, to content creation and ad copy, to optimization, tracking and targeting. Tap into our expertise to get your phone ringing and customers walking through your door by plugging into the largest traffic sources.

Who We Are

Local Vance is a full service digital marketing agency, that focuses on local marketing for small to large sized businesses. Our sole purpose is delivering revenue generating results for our clients, by combining creative ideas with advanced technology to deliver measurable returns.

Are you having trouble generating new customers and/or clients every month? Having trouble understanding how to advertise in this new digital landscape? Already have an existing advertising and marketing budget, but not seeing the ROI you desire? Local Vance can solve all those issues, from concept to delivery, we get your phone ringing!

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Our Services

As a leading digital marketing agency we offer a variety of services geared towards generating you new customers each and every month. Instead of concentrating on supplementary actions, we tap into the power and reach of mobile, adding rocket fuel to your online lead generation efforts.

Our only mantra is LEAD GENERATION!

Having trouble generating inquiries and getting your phone to ring? Local Vance can plug you into the ultimate direct response campaigns. Our pay per call ad campaigns will get your phone ringing with interested prospects, that turn into customer and clients. We tap into a variety of traffic types and channels, targeting mobile placements, to connect you with interested potential customers at their most responsive point. We track all your pay per call campaigns with our AI powered, data driven, call tracking platform that gets the most out of your call campaigns

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If you’re serious about truly revving up your online marketing efforts, you must tap into the two largest sources of traffic on the planet. We’re not talking about your run of the mill social media presence campaigns, or SEO. We’re talking about PAID Facebook and Google ads...instant traffic! Tackling Facebook and Google can be daunting, and perhaps you are already spending a good portion of your budget on Facebook and Google Ads, and not getting the desired results. Doesn’t matter if you have never run a campaign before. We can build you highly targeted Facebook and Google Ad campaigns from scratch, or audit your current campaigns for Free and get them turned around! Leave the heavy lifting to us, you concentrate on providing your services or products to the customers we send you!

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Creating a presence online starts with targeting the largest sources of traffic on search, and social channels. That’s Facebook and Google! We can optimize your Google and Facebook presence for maximum exposure across the biggest search and social channels. We can provide unique content, the proper web and social structure, that will surely increase your local presence and raise your organic customer engagement. Along with optimizing your search and social presence, we can manage your local listings in the top local directories and aggregators so you can maximize your local reach.

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Local Vance provides a number of mobile web solutions for your business, that allows you to take full advantage of the modern day mobile ecosystem. Local Vance can customize and tailor a full mobile marketing strategy for your company based on your needs, whether it is a proximity or loyalty marketing campaign, mobile content or design, or a permission based SMS marketing campaign. We can craft a mobile strategy that allows you to capitalize on the booming explosion of growth in the mobile space! Everywhere you look, someone has their face in their mobile device, wouldn’t it be great to have your mobile advertising message right there for them, when their most likely to respond?

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Whether you need a full on site design, content for an email marketing campaign, ad copy for advertising campaigns, logo design, video content, or just general web content. Local Vance can provide you with a full suite of design, and content production services. If you can think it, we can design it or write it. One strategy session, and a specialist can provide you with a solid outline of bringing your idea to life. Not sure about what you need, we can provide insights and strategy to get you what you need.

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We have helped dozens of companies since our establishment. Browse the most successful e-marketing, web promotion, and search engine optimization cases below.

Economics & Strategy for Business

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To be successful, your company needs not only to be promoted on the Internet. A successful business owner also has to understand how business and financial strategies work.

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